Learn and start applying the fundamentals to win your relationship back and make the most of your shared mobile expatriate lifestyle.

Watch this 3min video and discover the unique therapeutic method specifically designed by a licensed psychologist and sex therapist for partnerships like yours.

Karina Lagarrigue - Expat Psychologist

With my method you will​

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1. Discover the mistake that 30% of couples who fail make.

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2. Identify the keys to the success of your relationship.

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3. Understand why not all couples therapy work.

Karina Lagarrigue - Expat Psychologist

My commitment to you

After 12 years of working with couples, my own personal experience moving around the world before and after marriage and motherhood together with my very specific professional training, I have developed a unique method built on an understanding of the demands and characteristics of high mobility expatriate couples.

Limited time, scarcity of accessible resources and the particular high professional demands of some international careers, require a distinct therapeutic approach. Among other things, it requires tools and strategies that foster immediate change, right from the first therapeutical consultation.

In the context of expatriate couples and lifestyle, transformative approaches that facilitate the integration of the numerous challenges that come together with frequent cultural and life transitions are lacking.

That is why my approach centers and solves for the practical and emotional challenges that foment relationship stress associated to chronic relocation, intercultural marriage and other unique aspects of expatriated couples.

My approach goes beyond any other therapeutical treatment, as it is a personalized transformational process specifically design for high mobility expatriate couples.

Client testimonials

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A & C

She was a magnificent professional, we were going through a delicate moment as a couple and thanks to her we have learned to understand each other better and face our problems in a different way. We have a lot to thank Karina for.

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B & L

We are very pleased with the work done with Karina. She listens, she is patient, very professional, and approachable. We are a multicultural couple and Karina has helped us a lot to identify and understand the main aspect we needed to work on. I am grateful for all the work we have done and the time she kindly dedicates to us. We would recommend Karina with our eyes closed. Thanks again Karina!

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Karina is very kind and has a lot of empathy; she listens to you patiently. At the same time, she is professional and comes prepared, you know you are in good hands with her.

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